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Reiki Shares

Next Reiki Share - On Hold (location issues)

The Reiki Share experience I'm looking to create looks a little like this:

We love to GIVE Reiki, yet its also so important to take care of ourselves so I see it as folks from every level of Reiki (1, 2 or master/teacher) coming together in a relaxed atmosphere to share Reiki that is FREE to participants in a natural exchange of energy.

  • Rogers MN location, we'll open with brief introductions, a short meditation and then get to sharing!
  • Based on the number of participants, one person will receive healing from 2-3 people and then after about 15-20 minutes, we'll switch. The intent is for EVERYONE to be giver and a receiver during the evening.
  • Based loosely on the Usui original format that I've been reading about, I'd like to offer 'reiju' or re-attunement (to us Westerners) to whatever level you already hold if there is interest (or recieve that, if we get another master in the house!) I'm not well versed in the entire Japanese version of teachings, but it seems like it can only help to be re-attuned whenever possible, it just amps up our whole process. You can learn more in general here or here 

Other stuff:

  • I'm a voracious learner about Reiki, qigong, yoga, angels, energy work and even some far out woo-woo stuff; come with a cool story or helpful hint and I think this could be so great for each of us and the community we live in
  • It's almost guaranteed that I will have Dove dark chocolate out somewhere!
  • Leave egos at the door, it's a sharing experience of fun and healing. That being said, all participants have education, attunement and experience at least to level 1.

How this is gonna happen:

  • I need to hear from interested folks!
  • Please email me (Colleen) or use my 'contact me' page and let me know:
    • Your name & contact info
    • Your Reiki level (not that it matters, but you need to Be Reiki to participate); at this time, I don't think its necessary to ask for your lineage or anything
  • Submit your email so I can include you in the notice distribution. Also, I usually post the date on my FaceBook page.

I'm so grateful this idea has taken off and created a community. Thank you.

I'm so excited to see where this all will lead us!