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Invest in yourself, where ever the path may lead.

Half Hour Sessions are $35 (Customized Reiki only; Qigong is a protocol type appointment and is apx 1 hour)

One Hour Sessions are $70

Sessions are scheduled to allow time before and after your session (1.5 hour for an hour session and 1 hour for a half hour session) to avoid a sense of rushing. Your session takes place fully clothed on a massage table, and as I'm guided, may include: Reiki, Qigong, IET, tuning forks, stones or something unique not listed. I can also be flexible and come to your location for $5 extra travel fee.

I am willing to barter or trade services - Just Ask!

Reiki Classes - available one on one or groups

Reiki 1 $75

Reiki 2 $150

Reiki Master/Teacher $300

Reiki is something that I feel everyone on the planet should have in their 'toolbox.' We all have access; but we must choose it, just like any path.


"Qi-ssage is a technique that combines the energy principles of qigong with the art of massage, which is why we call it Qi-ssage" Master Lin, Spring Forest Qigong

1 -hour - During your Qi~ssage treatment you will sit comfortably while I use light pressure and massage, along with the power of the mind and heart. I will gently and firmly stimulate key energy points on your head, shoulders, back, arms, hands, hips, legs, and feet in a specific order. You will remove your shoes and remain fully clothed and seated for the treatment. "This system cherry-picks the energy points that are most effective for helping with modern day health conditions and modern lifestyles. Massaging specific points in a certain way and in a certain order is highly effective for clearing energy blockages and helping your body." SFQ materials

Good Vibes Reboot for your Space

Clearing your space using sage and your intention. It’s roots are in Native American cultures and traditions. It is a ritualistic way to cleanse a person, place or an object of negative energies or influences.The spaces we live and work are filled with all the thought-forms and energies that have taken place there and no longer serve us. It just feels good to 'clear the air.' Are you buying or selling a space to live or work? It can be a good idea to clear the deck of all the old energies that just may be stagnant or stuck. Realtors: this is a great gift for a new home owner. Or if you are having trouble selling a property, maybe something is stuck and just needs an invitation to clear out. It cleans not only the energies: science has confirmed why the practice can be beneficial for our health - the smoke of certain plants can kill airborne bacteria and viruses! link

Esogetic Colorpuncture is a wholistic health system. It’s similar to acupuncture, but without the needles.  Its aim is natural self-regulation. After an initial interview, describing what you are dealing with and some health history, there are hundreds of therapies to choose from. (lots of them are using the light pen with color attachments placed on acupuncture points on the skin in a prescribed order. This is a deeper dive than Reiki, or qissage – several visits, but can address: pain, allergies, psychological stresses, digestive issues). This is a new modality for me. Sessions would be $40 initial consult, $70 follow-up.

I have a trusted friend that uses and sells DoTerra essential oils. I've had good luck with the oils and can recommend you poking around her site to learn more!

Oh ~ and I'm a Notary Public with the State of Minnesota. Free to established clients. Otherwise $2 a document.

Please note: Colleen Klatke is not a physician, mental health counselor, or health care provider. Sessions with Colleen do not replace treatment by a physician, mental health counselor, or health care provider for any type of physical or mental illness. Colleen does not give medical or psychiatric/psychological advice.

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